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July 12, 2017

The Hotsheet is our continuing publication by ‘the Stop’ highlighting recently received products and upcoming items or events that might be of interest to our model railroader friends.

Sitting on the ready track – the definitive EMD SD40-2 in HO scale from ScaleTrains

In January 1972, Electro-Motive Division (EMD) of General Motors would build the first production models of a locomotive design that would prove to be legendary: the SD40-2. The flagship of the “Dash-2” series of 1972, the SD40-2 would build upon the lessons learned from its predecessor, the SD40. While the sixteen-cylinder 645E3 turbocharged prime mover remained the same from its SD40 cousin, the SD40-2 boasted a modular, solid-state electrical system, which featured removable “cards” in place of troublesome relays in its high-voltage cabinet, greatly simplifying electrical troubleshooting and repairs.

Externally, the biggest change was the use of the new HT-C three-axle truck in place of the Flexi-coil C of the SD40. The new truck promised greater adhesion, and was longer than the Flexi-coil C, necessitating an increase of the length of the SD40-2s frame to an overall length of 68’, 10” over the couplers. This also had the effect of giving the SD40-2 its characteristic long walkway “porches” at each end. Other small external improvements, such as longer battery box compartments, rear overhang on the cab roof, and drip rail over the front cab door, added to the list of external differences between it and the SD40.

Domestic production of the SD40-2 continued until July 1984 making it one of EMD’s most popular locomotives of all time.

Scale Trains offers this model in the Operator (for those who want to run dimensionally accurate models) and Rivet Counter (with all of the prototype details including Loksound DCC/sound) lines.

Rivet Counter: UP, BN, NS, Chessie – $199.00
Operator: UP, BNSF, CSX – $80.00

[These models have sold out in most other locations, we have a great inventory available while they last…]

Rivet counting is not limited to motive power…theTangent Scale Models 1917 GATC 8000 gallon tank car in HO scale…

By the end of World War I, U.S. production of oil and oil-related products was sharply increasing thanks to the combination of war-related demands as well as demands from home. In order to move oil and “new” consumer products, tank car producers introduced new car designs. In 1917 General American Tank Car introduced a new general service 8,000 gallon non-insulated tank car and quickly followed that production with an insulated 8,000 gallon tank car, which utilized a “jacket” that surrounded the tank and dome. Built in East Chicago, IN, these insulated cars were easily identifiable by their circumferential rivets that surrounded the tank body, with notably different heights between the courses, and with their “recessed ends”. These “radial course” tank cars utilized steel bolster plates that rise up vertically to hold the tank in place, complete with a “web” section behind to minimize steel consumption.  The GATC 1917-design family were the most prolific tank cars built during this period and were found everywhere from 1917 to roughly 1970.

The Tangent Scale Models GATC 1917-Design 8,000 Gallon Insulated Tank Car is a highly-detailed tank car model that includes details accurate for each paint scheme, including KC- or AB-brake variations, with or without Cardwell draft sill springs, and different hand brakes. Other visually-distinctive details for our models include the “see through” bolster section, circumferential rivets, and differing course heights.

Roma, Petro, Cosden & Co. Virginia Gas, and others available : $44.95

The secret cache exposed…DCC n-scale motive power from Atlas

One of the issues with DCC in n-scale is decoder installation…it is a pretty small space after all and most decoders are specifically formatted for various n-scale manufacturers, with a premium price.

The Atlas Master Line series of motive power had DCC pre-installed, featuring decoders from NCE or Lenz.  We have ‘discovered’ a hidden cache of these in never used condition, still in their original boxes.

The models include GE U23Bs, Alco C-628’s and EMD SD60’s, in ATSF, SP, and UP liveries.

Pricing starts at $140.00.

In the Publications Department…

The dates for the photographs begin in the mid-1960s before Amtrak when the western lines operated their own passenger trains with the power of the era (F-units and E-units). Many early diesels are working from all the builders including Alco and Baldwin. You will see nicely-maintained scarlet and gray plus worn paint Black-widow units on the Southern Pacific. The Santa Fe offers immaculate passenger trains, black and silver, blue and yellow plus later warbonnet yellow freight units. A few units in the failed SP-ATSF merger scheme make an appearance.

Union Pacific’s unique SW10s, DD35s and other power is shown. The California Zephyr and WP’s varied paint schemes bring up the rear on this title. Amtrak from all eras and some short lines like the Nevada Northern and McCloud River Railroad are seen. Specials, one-of-a-kinds like the Maersk GP60, the Preamble Express and Bicentennial units are included. Most pictures are from the 1960s and 1970s.

154 pages, hardcover – $69.95.

If you are a train aficionato you want to make plans to be at the LA Union Passenger Station this Saturday, July 15, for Train Fest…

Come enjoy Union Station Summer Train Fest on Saturday, July 15. The free family event will feature a rare collection of beautifully restored vintage train engines and cars, including:

-Santa Fe 3751: 1927 Steam Locomotive
-Overland Trail: 1949 Club Lounge train w/ passenger lounge, bar and barbershop.
-Pacific Trail: 1950 fully restored passenger car w/44 seats
-Tioga Pass: 1959 Business car w/ lounge, sleeping quarters, dining room and kitchen.

Tickets will be available to tour the inside of the Santa Fe 3751 Steam Locomotive. Ticket prices are $20 for adults, $10 for children. Children under 5 are free.

The Union Station Summer Train Fest will also feature a Kids Zone, model trains, food trucks and live entertainment. Local vendors including Skylight Books, Train Shack, and California Operation Lifesaver will offer model train supplies, train-themed merchandise and train safety education throughout the event.

You can reach Union Station via the Metro Red, Purple, Gold and Silver Line, as well as various Metro and municipal buses. For routes and connections, use the Trip Planner at Metrolink and Amtrak also serve the station.

Union Station Summer Train Fest is hosted by Metro in partnership with Metrolink and Amtrak. For more information, visit

[Ed. note: ATSF 3751 will be undergoing major maintenance after this appearance and this will be the last time to see it for a couple of years…]

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