When I was growing up, trains were a part of every day life; they transported people and needed materials/food across the country.  They were seen and admired at Whistle Stops in every small town. Even today, movies, television and cross-country vacations still embody the spirit of those days. A train depicts a “simpler time” and […]


After nearly 20 years – the front store window got a face-lift. With the combined efforts of Tina, Sandra and Judy – working diligently for weeks – the front window of TOWS now WELCOMES passengers as they depart from its historic railroad, set with all the charm of a winter wonderland – compete with snow-capped […]

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The Original Whistle Stop has for years found fun while supporting Community Softball Leagues and Local Events. Today was no different, as St. Elizabeth Church/School in Altadena, asked Fred to bring his Porsche Speedster to their Annual Car Show. Taking giveaway Railroad hats, candy and 10% off Christmas Train Set Coupons … as you can […]

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