Sharing the STOP Business Secrets with some enthusiastic 5th graders!

Touched by the Thank You from 5th Graders.

A teacher from Walden School in Pasadena stopped in the Whistle Stop one day, asking if her class of 5th graders could come in and interview me for their project they were doing on small businesses.

It was surprising to see her face – shocked – when I said ‘sure”. She noted that she had been to several businesses already and all of them “turned her down” and couldn’t believe when I said yes.

They were some of the brightest children I have ever met, full of enthusiasm and asking some quite impressive questions about business!   We all learned something that day.

A simple gesture of taking time to give back to the community and schools. Helping to develop young minds and showing them work life can also be fun and appreciating the smiles wide-eyes on their face when they came in saw all the trains.

Later I received these letters of Thank You – It truly touched my heart!


OPening the STOP