Family Time with Kit Building!

We, at The Original Whistle Stop, see the coming month as a new opportunity to connect with family.  

Many of you will be home in the weeks ahead, along with your children, or even your grandchildren, and are wondering what to do.

This is the perfect time to engage in some activities that strengthen family connection and closeness …

Nothing is more precious that time together, creating memories.

So instead of popping in a movie or playing video games all day, encourage your children to put down those electronic devices and expand their mind with “KIT BUILDING”! 

We have a vast selection to choose from and all will bring about a sense of adventure, expand your and their creative learning, as well as, provide a sense of pride that comes from building and working with your hands  … taking us all of back to a simpler time in life!

Give us a call and ask about our Kit selection or stop by and see what we have  …  626-796-7791 – 2490 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena. –

Shipping and pick up options are also available!

Happy Modeling!