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Model Railroad Trains in all sizes and scales have been our specialty, since 1951.

All  models in O, HO, N, and Z scale by: The Coach Yard, Overland Models, Key Imports, PSC , Division Point, and AZL are always in stock.

Looking for Lionel, MTH, Athearn, Kato, BLMA, InterMountain, Tangent, Fox Valley, Atlas, Marklin, Micro-Trains; you have found your source!  The Website has a complete catalog of new, out of production, or very unique model train items.

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  • The “Original Whistle Stop” 2014: Jerry, Alex, Steve, Judy, Val, Sandra, Martin, Fred, Tina, Dennis, Tom and Bill
  • Keep calm … and love a railroad man!
  • “I like trains. I like their rhythm. I like the freedom of being suspended between two places … in this moment … I know where I am going”
  • It’s all in the ‘jeans” or is it in the “genes”? Fred with granddaughter Natalie
  • Who wants to go to The Original Whistle Stop?
  • "The second happiest place on earth". "Where imagination - exploration - and inspiration come to life". (j.hill)
  • Train travel is the best way to be lost and found all at the same time!
  • If your train of thought seems to be going nowhere … switch tracks!
  • Driving the train does not set its course. The real job is in laying the tracks!
  • “To travel by train is to take a journey into yourself”
  • “Full Steam Ahead” Everyone wants to go to “The Original Whistle Stop”
    (santa fe 3751. pasadena, california)
  • The only way to do great work … is to love what you do. (s.jobs)




“Bring Your Pop To The Stop” ran full throttle in Pasadena, California – there was no stopping this Locomotive…

What a day! – Father’s, from near and far, came in with their sons, daughters, grandchildren; they brought pictures of their dad’s – told stories and shared memories.

The,  always dedicated, crew was in the “cab” throughout the day, eager to help – enthusiastic and excited customers – answering questions and assisting with purchases.

Many came just to learn DCC – and then enjoyed a leisurely lunch in the cool breeze and shady picnic area that was provided in the back of the store. 


You can still feel part of the festivities by stopping by and taking advantage of the “ORANGE DOT” specialty priced merchandise located throughout the store – available now through the end of June.

And don’t forget to purchase your own  “Original” Hat and Mug!




School: Los Angeles Film School. Film Crew:  Tania Sinclair, Jorge Gomez and Oscar Fernandez Baca.Award:  Second Place in the Spanish Festival: “Showing Film Awards”.